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Here is a good example of our website design and search engine optimization work. All done correctly through the proper design and SEO practices. With data to prove our success for getting rankings. We can achieve similar success for your business as well. 

Digital Marketing is Valuable.

The Right Online Presence Can Increase Your Sales. Otherwise, You May Be Wasting Potential.

Most local websites go unnoticed. We will work for you to improve your overall visibility, just like we did for this business. This case study is from a site that was created for ranking in several Lousiana cities and parishes. We achieved strong results because of research, planning, designing, and optimizing for long term search engine results.

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Our Client

Grayson Bailey did not have a website when we met in 2018. His main online presence was Facebook. The site we designed and optimized has top search engine rankings. Your site can get similar results.


There were many competitors with established online presences. We would need to design a website for Grayson that could compete with them on every level. They had a substantial head start and that can play a part in rankings over a longer period of time.


First, we did keyword and location research. Then designed and optimized a website that would compete specifically on high-value keywords. Search engines need help for rankings, we make it easier for them. The website is designed for customers to take action.

Here are the current statistics for Grayson’s website. Actual charts from Google Analytics are provided down the page.

Monthly Users

1000 +

New Users

85% +

Organic Search

75% +

Total Sessions

18,000 +

These results were accomplished in less than two years. They are long term and local. More views lead to more potential customers. 

First-year results for Steady and organic growth in users. This is what every local business should hope for their website. google analytics data for the first year of the website and local serp

Bounced back through Covid as well. More visitors equals more potential clients. This is what good design and optimization can do for you. We can help you attain long-term success for your online presence. google analytics data for most of 2020 was designed to win over customers and search engines.

Site Designed to Sell

Screenshot of website designed and optimized for bail-ey bonds

Also Smartphone Optimized

Screenshot of the mobile responsive website designed for bail-ey bonds.
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